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QR code Self-ordering System

QR code Self-ordering System
All-in-one Foodservice Industry Solution
Bluesky QR code System is designed to support the POS system as an integration of food ordering system. It maximize the business in labor power, inventory space utilization and equipment investments.
Compatible with any hardware
No installation and no specific hardware required.
Linked with POS System
An enhancement based on the QR code system.
Web & App Interface Support
Make your business diversified in technology.
Keep in touch with your customers
And keep them coming back with loyalty programs.
Various Payment Support
Select your business needs of payment.
Simply Flow of Operation
Tap it with a few of steps.
Fully integrated with other Technology

It provides online Shop, offline POS and management office.


It maximizes the labor power and inventory space utilization.


It provide a flexible method to configure what business needs.


It lowers the labor power in queuing booking system.