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Consolidation & Courier Ordering System

Consolidation & Courier Ordering System
All-in-one Delivery system in Logistics Industry
Bluesky Consolidation & Courier Ordering System is based on the Logistics Industry that any business can use in a systematic way. The purpose is to maximize the business outcome in shortened delivery time, allocation time in warehouse and tracking record management.
Compatible with any hardware
No installation and no specific hardware required.
Phase I: Consolidation
An efficient way of shippment solution
Reduce the shipping cost, merge individual orders together and utilize the shipping process.
Phase II: Courier & Forwarder
Provide the best experience of B2C & C2C
Integrate both Courier/Forwarder and Consolidated Shipping into a single platform, with Tracking system and API Ordering feature.
Phase III: Pickup Point Station
Manage multiple pickup point in a simple way
Manage pickup points, sent notification to client, tracking of the parcels, invoicing and payment.
Keep in touch with your customers
And keep them coming back with loyalty programs.

Build up the relationship with customers and provide the best delivery experience to them.

Notify the customers with all the shipping steps and provide the best customer service once they are questioned with the goods problem.

Integrated Inventory System
Real time control & accurate resources allocation
Be obvious at a glance in Delivery process, Warehouse management and Goods return.
Shipping Services
Cost reduction with an eco-friendly soultion
Clear to identify the role of staff and track out delivery progress.
Fully integrated with other Technology

It provides online Shop, offline POS and management office.


It expands the sale channels and makes the business great.


It maximizes the labor power and inventory space utilization.


It provide a flexible method to configure what business needs.