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Enterprise Resource Planning System

Point of Sale & Order System
All-in-one Order system in Foodservice Industry
Bluesky POS & Order System is based on the Foodservice Industry that any business can use in a simply way. It is extremely flexible to configure your business needs.
Compatible with any hardware
No installation and no specific hardware required.
Online or offline
Internet connection is not to be considered in our technology
Set up new stores quickly with using internet connection. Then you can use it whenever and wherever.
Various Language Support
Enhance your brand name and loyalty
Language support makes you earn potential customers from various countries.
Desired Charge Functions
Build up your own charge combinations
Time counting charge or Charge per amount?
Design your best charge sets with uncountable combinations.
Instant Payment Support
Select your optimal payment methods
VISA/MasterCard, AlipayHK or Wechat Pay?
Choose your fittable payment methods with a simply way.
Keep in touch with your customers
And keep them coming back with loyalty programs.

Levels of Membership attract customers to come back. We offer several tiers to fit your business needs precisely and seize the customer retention.

Reward your loyal customers with points. We might design your desired wishlists to identify what customer wants.

Integrated Inventory System
Real time control & accurate forecasts to manage procurements
Be obvious at a glance in Delivery process, Warehouse management and Goods return.
Staff Management
Avoid human error & violation
Clear to identify the role of staff and track out staff attendance records.
Fully integrated with other Technology

It provides online Shop, offline POS and management office.


It maximizes the labor power and inventory space utilization.


It provides a QR-code based order system to the customers.


It lowers the labor power in queuing booking system.